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Lady Artisan

Lady Artisan, Sculptor in Bronze and Pewter

Thank you for visiting my website.

You may have first seen my sculpture back in 2001 at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. That was when I decided to become a full-time artist creating works of art that appeal to Festival Patrons.

That was the year Lady Artisan was "born".

Lady Artisan sculpture now can be seen at festivals across the country. You can view Lady Artisan works of art online at this website and within galleries sponsored throughout the world.

My new designs are usually created by Patron request. Let me know if there is a sculpture you would like me to create for you. Lady Artisan Unicorn

Early Lady Artisan Creations

I created my first sculptures when just a young child, long before I was known as Lady Artisan.

Not having a lot of choice in the media I could work in, only a few sculptures from my early years still exist! My mother often made my siblings and I homemade clay out of salt. We loved it! But those sculptures were fragile and did not last long. The salt clay also did not allow for detailed rendering that even as a youngster was prominent in my art.

The unicorn to the right was created with clay whose quality is meant for long lasting artistic works. As you can see I loved fantasy and Renaissance themes even when a young child.

My childhood passion to create imaginative works of art never ended. I hope that as you enjoy viewing the many Lady Artisan creations on my website you find your own imagination begin to dance with unicorns and fly with Pegasus.