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Body Coolers

Lady Artisan Body Coolers

Lady Artisan Body Coolers are the perfect way to stay cool when at work or play. 

Wear discreetly under your clothing, or show them off with a sculpture on top.

All sculpture tops are cast with a screw on the bottom. The tops screw into your cork.

Visit me at one of my shows and try on a body cooler!

Body Cooler

4" Body Cooler & Cork 

Just $25.00 Each!

Perfect for work or play!

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Body Cooler

3.5" Body Cooler & Cork 

Just $25.00 Each!

Easy to wear discreetly!

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Model with Body Cooler

Show off with a sculpture on top!

Wire Wrapped Body Cooler

Wire Wrapped Body Cooler

A cooler on a cord! 

Cork Included


Chain Mail Bag for Body Cooler

Chain Mail Body Cooler.  

Tube & Cork 

Bags available as separate purchase!

Chain Mail Body Cooler
Motorcycle Rider With Body Cooler

Corded Body Coolers are the perfect way to stay cool while on the road. Read More

Skull & Crossbones Pewter Sculpture
Skull & Crossbones

Unicorn Body Cooler Topper
Body Cooler Modeled Discreetly

Worn discreetly no one will know you have one on!

Horse Body Cooler Topper

Owl Body Cooler Topper
The Hooter

Body Cooler Modeled

Stop your hot flash in an instant!

Baby Dragon Body Cooler Topper
Baby Dragon

Pewter Rose Topper
Pewter Rose
Body Warmer Model

Did I mention they work as body warmers?

Pewter Red Rose
Red Rose

Pewter Purple Rose
Purple Rose

Pewter Pink Rose
Pink Rose

Pewter White Rose
White Rose

Green Pewter Rose
Green Rose

Pewter Black Rose
Black Rose

Pewter Gold Rose
Gold Rose

Pewter Bronze Rose
Bronze Rose

Pewter Yellow Rose
Yellow Rose

Dark Blue Pewter Rose
Blue Rose

Pewter Rose Skyblue
Sky Blue Rose

Pewter Lavender Rose
Lavender Rose

Pewter Lime Rose
Lime Green Rose

Pewter Compass Rose
Compass Rose

Pewter Sword in the Stone
Sword in the Stone

Pewter Phoenix

Titmouse Pewter Sculpture
The Titmouse

Pewter Wolf

Pewter Lips Sculpture
Kiss Me!

Pewter Dice and Cards Sculpture
The Player

Pewter Red Lips
Pucker Up!