Lady Of The Leaves Water Fountain

Learn About Lady Artisan's Lady Of The LeavesLady of the Leaves Water Fountain


Title: Lady Of the Leaves

Media: Bronze with multicolor patina.

1 of 10. Please contact the artist for "one of a kind" payment arrangements.

Size: With basin shown is 20"x"20x"20

Weight: 75 pounds including basin.

This sculpture may be displayed and enjoyed indoors or out.

Price: $10,000

How To Care For Lady Of The Leaves

Care: The sculpture is protected with a wax coating. The wax prevents change to the patina that can occur from exposure to the elements. Fresh wax can be applied to the sculpture yearly if it is displayed outdoors. The wax coat will last for many years if the sculpture is displayed indoors.

Clean with a soft cloth and water. Water can be poured over the sculpture to rinse off dirt or dust.

Pump is easy to clean and maintain. Simply remove a sliding panel and wipe clean.

The basin can become dirty if kept outdoors. Flush dirt out by running water from a hose into the basin until water runs clear. If a lot of dirt has accumulated empty the basin and wipe clean. A siphon is an easy way to remove all of the water.

Additional Views Of Lady Of The Leaves

Detail of Lady of the Leaves

Lady of the Leaves SculptureLeft Picture: Detail of bronze leaves floating on the water and water trickling into the basin through the Lady's leaves.

Right Picture: Water trickles through leaves and the Lady's hair.

Both detail pictures show the lovely color variety found in the multi-colored patina applied to this sculpture. I start by applying a black patina, then browns, then finish with my green patinas.

Lady Of The Leaves Sculpture

I searched Minnesota woods for leaves to use on this sculpture.

The mold making process I use retains all of the detail found on the natural leaf.

Even the tiny leaves were found in nature. Tiny leaves with a mature shape and surface detail are not easy to find. But I was persistent and their beauty graces this sculpture.

Lady of the leaves Facial Detail  

Lady of the Leaves looks a lot like Lady Artisan. My sister was the model for this sculpture.

Lady Artisan creating Lady of the Leaves

I started Lady of the Leaves by working in clay. Once the Lady was close to complete I created a plaster cast of the sculpture.

Plaster is a very good media to use for wax casting. I cast a wax replica of my sculpture from the plaster mold.

Wax is my preferred material to use for sculpting original artwork. It is not as easily altered as clay, therefore retaining the detail I create unless I work to change it.

The picture to the left shows the Lady of the Leaves as I apply wax leaves to the sculpture. The lighter color of the leaves indicates that I used a harder wax for the leaves than for the rest of the sculpture. The harder wax will protect the intricate leaf detail as the sculpture is handled.  

Lady Of The Leaves

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