Bronze Oak Branch

Lady Artisan's Bronze Oak Branch


Oak Branch Sconce and Treasure Holder

Title: Oak Branch Sconce and Treasure Holder

Media: Bronze

Sculpture shown is #1 in a series of 100.

Size: Approximately 3 feet long.

Weight: Approximately 20 pounds.

Patina Options: Choose from a variety of patina options. Contact me if you would like a patina color scheme not pictured.

May be hung indoors or outside.

Price: $5000.00

Sculpture Care Instructions

Care: The sculpture is protected with a wax coating. The wax prevents change to the patina that can occur from exposure to the elements. Fresh wax can be applied to the sculpture yearly if it is displayed outdoors. The wax coat will last for many years if the sculpture is displayed indoors.

Clean with a soft cloth and water. Water can be poured over the sculpture to rinse off dirt or dust.

Sculpture Details

Detail of Acorn on Bronze Oak Branch

Interchangeable acorn tops work as snuffers. Acorns can hide a key, hold your jewelry, or store anything you like!

Bronze Leaf Detail

Bronze Leaves contain all of the detail found in nature. Molds of real leaves are created to capture all of the leaves intricacy.