Pewter Regal Dragon

Lady Artisan's Pewter Regal Dragon

Pewter Dragon


Title: Pewter Regal Dragon

Media: Pewter on Manzanita Base.

Size: 3" tall on base. Length and width of base has natural variations of approximately 2.5" to 4".

Weight: 2 to 3 ounces including base.

Eye Color Options: Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Gold, Amethyst, Diamond. Crystals used for eyes may vary in hue and intensity of color.

Price: $24.95

How To Care For Your Pewter Regal Dragon

Clean with a soft cloth. You may slightly moisten the cloth with water to wipe the metal dragon. Wood may be polished with wood cleaner or polish. Do not use abrasives or cleaners on your sculpture.

Additional Views Of Lady Artisan's Regal Dragon

Pewter Dragon

Back side of the Regal Dragon showing off its emerald hued eyes.

Pewter Dragon

Side view of Pewter Regal Dragon with crystal emerald colored eyes.

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Dragon's Eye Color

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