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Scarborough Renaissance Festival

Lady Artisan At The Scarborough Renaissance Festival

You can find me in Pecan Grove, right by the May Pole, near the Joust.

Scarborough Renaissance Festival is open weekends, April and May. Here is a link to their website if you would like more information about this festival.

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Lady Artisan's shop at Scarborough Renaissance Festival

My shop at Scarborough

Lady Jessica working in Lady Artisan Shop at Scarborough

Lady Jessica greets patrons with a big smile!

Lady Artisan chopping ice at Scarborough

Lady Deborah chopping ice for body coolers.

Fool Hearty, Mark & Tara Reed

Fool Hearty! I have clowns for neighbors!

Court dance lessons at Scarborough

Learn to dance with the court on the lawns in front of my shop. These group lessons look like fun!

English wrestling demo at Scarborough

English Wrestling Demo everyday in front of my shop!

Lady Artisan at Scarborough Renaissance Festival

Me with Body Cooler Display.

Scarborough Front Gate

You will be well greeted at the front gate by royalty and villagers alike. Arrive early for opening festivities!


Patrons of all shapes and sizes visit Lady Artisan.

Painting demonstration at Scarborough Renaissance Festival

You can watch my neighbor demonstrate her painting.

Scarborough Festival Flower Man, Buy your lady a flower please!

Flower deliveries wander by my shop!

Royalty Visiting Crafter At Scarborough Renaissance Festival

The royal family visit us crafters.

Scarborough Lessons In Groveling

Lessons in Groveling. Part of the fun that takes place all day long in front of my shop.

Lady Artisan neighbor doing leather work.

During the week we create art for our patrons!