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Below you will find more information about how to receive a Lady Artisan thank you gift.

How To Qualify For A Thank You Gift

Buy anything you like from Lady Artisan. You can visit the shop at TRF or buy online through this website. This is a great time to work on your holiday gift list! Every item you buy is another entry. Even one charm will put your name in the gift drawing.  Five charms are five entries. A body cooler with a sculpture top are two entries. It is that easy. 7pm Sunday, November 18th is the deadline to enter this gift drawing. At 7:31pm I will draw a name at random.

Where Will The Gifting Take Place?

The name of the gift recipient will be drawn at random at Lady Artisan's shop at TRF. Everyone present at the festival is welcome to come watch the event!

How The Winner Is Chosen

At 7:00pm all names are put into one large container. A name is drawn by the artist, Lady Artisan, with her employees and/or apprentices as assistants. No favoritism will be shown to any person or entity that enters the contest. The artist and current employees are not eligible to participate in the contest.

The winner will be notified by email, posted on Lady Artisan's Facebook page, and announced from her shop at TRF to any and all bystanders watching the event.

You do not need to be present to win! If you are at the shop to witness the event you may take your gift home with you!


Shipping is part of my gift for all participants whose "ship to" address is within the continental United States of America. Shipping costs beyond the cost of shipping within the continental United States are the responsibility of the winner. If required a shipping invoice will be sent to the winner via PayPal's secure server. Once shipping is paid in full the work of art will be shipped to the winners shipping address. If the winner is present when the winner is announced then the winner may take immediate possession of their gift.

Shipping will occur within 48 hours of the drawing. If additional shipping costs are incurred, shipping will occur within 48 hours of payment of shipping invoice.

Body Cooler

The winner of the Body Cooler will select the topper of their choice. I want you to love what you win! If the winner is present at the time of the drawing they may select a top from the inventory in the store. If the winner is not present to witness the drawing a top of their choice may be chosen from those offered on this website.

Read More about body coolers/warmers/flasks.

Flask Funnels

I have three to choose from. Pick your favorite. Read More!

Butterfly And Fairy Leaf Necklaces

Those of you who have seen these in person know how wonderful they are. Here is the story. I took a walk in my back yard one day, and growing at the back of the yard was a plant that had a set of leaves on its top. Those leaves looked like wings. I made a mold of the leaves, cast them in wax, and sculpted a fairy to wear them. I then went back outside to find a twig to make into a butterfly body. The butterfly is pictured on my Thank You Gift page. I will do my best to get a picture of the fairy necklace posted. (I have two days to work on preparing for the festival so interested parties may need to ask for a picture if they win.) You can choose a fairy or butterfly, and the custom color you would like on your necklace.

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