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Thank You Patrons!

Lady Artisan Thank You Gift!

I would like to thank my patrons who support my life as an artist with a Thank You Gift. Everyone who buys a Lady Artisan Creation this week, either online or from the shop at TRF will have their name entered to receive my thank you gift. Hint: Check out the charm page. Hand cast pewter charms are only $4.00!

I have chosen a few of my popular creations for the winner to choose from.  You do not need to be present to win.

This giveaway ends Sunday, November 18th, at 7pm. A name will be drawn and a winner announced!  Huzzah!

Win A Body Cooler

Choose the Gift you want from the items on this page.

The body cooler comes with a tube, cork, and the sculpture top of your choice!

Choose A Body Cooler!

Body coolers make fabulous Christmas gifts!
They also work wonders as body warmers. Or use them to hold two shots of your favorite holiday spirits.

Flask Funnels
The Oak Leaf,
The Dragon &
The Original Funnels

You do not have to be present when the name is drawn. I will ship your gift for free.

Select One Of My Flask Funnels!

Don't lose any of your good spirits!

The funnels are designed so the handle will hold onto your thumb, making it easy to hold the flask and funnel in one hand, as you pour your spirits with the other.

Butterfly & Fairy Leaf Necklace

Read More about how to receive your free gift.

Custom color included with your gift!

Choose A Fairy Or Butterfly Necklace.

Butterfly Leaf Necklace